Press & Media Accreditation Criteria

Accreditation Criteria
  • Press Badges are limited to print (newspapers, magazines) or electronic press (television, radio, web news) members employed by news organization.
  • Press Journalists must present valid 2005 press card or press credentials.
  • Freelance writers must present an original letter of assignment and one sample of bylined article published in the past year. Please fax a copy to Steve Rabinowitz
    at (202) 265-1212, or bring with you on-site.
  • Electronic Media (TV & Radio) and camera or sound crews are required to present a business card reflecting an editorial title.
  • Only members of the media with editorial titles may register as Press and receive press badges.

    Apply Online for Press & Media Credentials
    Qualified members of the press and media can apply online for credentials for the Investigating the Mind 2005 meeting at  Press and Media Credentials Application.

    Media Representatives Please Note
    Types of acceptable business identification for editorial titles:
  • Company business card with name, title and address of media outlet
  • Police-issued press card
  • Current publication masthead or editorial page listing your name and editorial title
  • Recent bylined article indicating you are staff editor, writer, reporter or regular contributor
  • Letter on company stationery identifying you and your editorial position at the media outlet
  • Freelance reporters or photographers: letter of assignment from a bona fide media outlet
  • For Internet news outlets: a printed copy of your online publication with your name and editorial title. We welcome commercial news organizations but personal website writers, editors or creators are not eligible to attend.

    Program producers wishing to tape footage for a program in development must receive approval from Mind and Life Institute communications representative Steve Rabinowitz or Carly Lindauer at:
         RabinowitzDorf Communications
         2852 Connecticut Avenue NW
         Washington, DC 20008-1526
         Tel (202) 265-3000
         Fax (202) 265-1212

    Questions and Comments
    Please send your questions and comments to Steve Rabinowitz or Carly Lindauer at: or

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  • Mind and Life Institute:
  • Investigating the Mind 2005 Conference: